Build a leading independent and sustainable commodities trading and investment business driven by consistency, integrity and trust in every aspect of what we do.

We strive to be the long-term partner our suppliers and customers rely upon to navigate today’s complex and constantly evolving commodities markets while adding value for them and achieving strong returns for our investors.

Who we are

Tradealis is an independent and sustainable frontier diversified commodities trading and investment house active in the trade of all raw materials, in particular metals and precious metals.

In simple terms

We source metals and precious metals responsibly directly, through our Fiji-based representative office, from production sites, in particular from the Republic of Fiji and Papua New Guinea and, together with our partner, a Swiss LBMA-Good Delivery List-accredited refinery, we sell them to our Swiss and European end-customers.

We are owned by our senior management in partnership with entrepreneurial and experienced natural resource investors from around the world and our dedicated team is entrepreneurial, building solutions and relationships based on transparency, trust as well as creative thinking and has deep experience and knowledge of the commodity markets in which we operate.

We believe that for all people to prosper, economies must grow but growth has to be sustainable, drive innovation and bring positive societal impact creating access to opportunities and empower everyone while reducing environmental footprint.

Acting in a responsible, beneficial way towards our environment as well as on a social and economic level, we partner with commodity producers taking a proactive approach to minimising our environmental impact thorough the implementation of strict vetting protocols which ensure our suppliers function in a sustainable manner as well as observe safety and health directives.

Outside the physical trading activities, we are actively pursuing commercial ventures and equity investments in the commodities value chain and related projects with key international industry player, capturing and creating incremental margin from optimisation of the commodities valueW

We are regulated

Tradealis is a member of the Swiss Supervisory Organization for Financial Intermediaries & Trustees (SO-FIT) under number 1391 and is therefore entitled to act as a financial intermediary within the meaning of the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act. These activities include, in particular, trading in precious metals, in which Tradealis has specialized. SO-FIT is a supervisory organization recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and supervises its members and controls the fulfilment of their obligations under the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (

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